About Me

Welcome fellow students, bloggers and people who just accidentally clicked on my blog.

Just short information about myself.

My name is Mati I'm from Austria and I'm currently a business administration student. I have a slight addiction with nerdy stuff, music, photography and stationary. From what people and mz parents tell me I am quite a weird human being, but I do not believe it since in my eyes I am normal and everyone else is weird (let me live in this imagination please!).

I am on my way of turning into a real Lorelei Gilmore with my wit, sarcasm and coffee addiction. When I see a Starbuck I am getting a Starbucks, this is how I roll. I laugh about stupid jokes and generally the most idiotic videos that are currently on the internet.

My Blog 

This is going to be one hell of a project. I am going to try post one blog post per day, with my thoughts, many opinions and just generally some chit chat. As I said sarcasm is my hidden second language so don't be surprised when you stumble upon some really sarcastic remarks.

I don't want to put my blog into a specific category because want to be free as a bird when it comes to what I write about. Sometimes it is about fashion, sometimes photography, sometimes life and sometimes (but really rarely) about beauty products.

Each blogpost is a little surprise box because I never tell with the pictures what the content is about.

I hope you enjoy my blog!


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