7. März 2017

Quality before Quantity.

It will make life so much more easier.

Dear everyone who is reading this.

Today I decided to make morning walks a thing for me, since I hate jogging (I want to love it but I hate it) I decided to just walk a long distance in the morning to clear my head for the new day. As I was walking along the Danube I was thinking about all sorts of things. One of the things being that quality is always before quantity in life, in particular when it comes to the people in your life.

When we are in High School we are always surrounded by people and so it is logical that we have many "friends". Also a lot of us thought during that time that the amount of friends you have is an indicator on how popular you are. The more friends we gained the more we thought that they are going to stay forever and that you are going to leave High School with so many best friends. Well I beg to differ. The moment you step out of your school the only friends that are going to stay are your closest ones. And you know what that is actually a good thing. The reason why is because all you need in life is the closest friends and the ones that will stand by your side whenever and the ones you will stand by whatever happens. No one needs fake friends because they will just rob your time and energy.

I can just say from my personal life that I am quite happy that I have just a few friends but I can count on them whenever. When I moved to Korea we still stayed in contact and when I came back it was like I never left. This is the sort of friends you should look for and I am happy that I found them.

Do you prefer quality over quantity as well?


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