4. März 2017

Opinions differ.

It is such a hyped up movie!

Dear everyone who is reading this.

It is easy nowadays to overhype a movie. Sometimes it is justifiable but sometimes it is not. I guess it always depends on your own view on things or on your own opinion. It is every persons right to have a different opinion, this is why I decided to finally tell you guys my opinion on the movie "La La Land". I fairly disliked the movie and here is why.

First of all I think that the hype only started because of the main characters, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. I absolutely love Emma Stone and but I do not get the hype that is happening around Ryan Gosling. Normally I see both as really talented actors but in "La La Land" they kind of disappointed me. I got the feeling that those roles weren't for them and they couldn't translate the story onto the big screen.

Second, I thought that the story was like a bad fanfiction. You know those who move to fast, have now backstory and everything just does not fit. Everything happened so fast, first they hated each other, than they sang a song together and suddenly they are deeply in love. Then he goes away starts a career, the relationship crumbles, they separate and everyone gets the success they always wanted. Finally at the end they meet, this whole montage happens and then she leaves. Additionally, I totally did not get the seasonal changes, they did not make sense at all and there was no smooth transition. It was like they tried to fit a whole tv show into one 2 hour long movie.

And this is where we come to my third point. Damn was that movie long and I guess for me to like it they needed to make it even longer so that everything would be a bit more realistic. Also I think that this movie would have been better of as a musical tv series. Personally I do not understand how people can watch it 3-5 times, even if you liked it this is no reason to waste in total of 10 hours on a movie in a short period of time.

Finally, the main essence of a musical. The music. It was quite okay, my personal favourite, and basically everyones favourite, is "City of Stars". The song is catchy, I like that it is more of a talk singing rather than a sing singing. As far as I can remember this was the only full on musical song that was in this movie... oh wait yeah the beginning. Yeah it was fine.

Overall I have to say that I do not understand why this movie won so many Grammys and Oscars. I personally think that other movies were better, but I guess a lot of people thought that "La La Land" was a decent movie and as I said everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

I am so deeply sorry that I haven't posted in the last few days but I just have been constantly on the go at night and since last week I am actually really tired. Also I like to apologise for this crappy post but I felt bad and I wanted to post at least something. I hope you guys can forgive me

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