28. Februar 2017

Typical student problems

I need to save money ASAP!

Dear everyone who is reading this.

Money nowadays is running out of our hands like waterfalls. Everything is getting more expensive and the value of your money is getting lower and lower. During each month you always carefully look into your bank account and are surprised that no money is left and you had spend more money that you actually planed. The reason why we all are so surprised is because we are using cards. With cards we never have the feeling of what we are actually paying, or you are actually writing everything down than you might have some kind of overview. But it shows that people have more control over their money if they pay with cash.

So for this upcoming month I want to do an experience. It is going to be something quite simple but I think it is going to provide me with some mind opening moments. What I want to do is actually quite simple. In March I just want to use cash nothing will be payed with card (except for amazon orders of course). I hope with that that I will have some kind of control over my spending and that I start to become aware of what I am actually paying for.

I came to this idea because I read an article about how can actually save money when you are completely aware of what you spend. This article explained that if you just use cash you actually live cheaper because you are as I said completely aware of what you spend and on what you are spending on. I actually think that this theory might be true and to actually prove it I will do this experiment.

The overall reason why I am doing this is because I pay for everything on my own and I realised that with all the saving and the rent that my money supply is going down each month. I still have money on my bank account at the end but I don't want to touch that because it is my emergency pillow. In case of any emergency I can use that money. But since my money supply is going down and down and I actually have to touch some of the money in the pillow I thought that I would change my spending behaviour.

Here are the steps that I will take:

Just withdraw €80 a week

I am going to try to just live of €80 a week. I think that it is a reasonable amount and that I can live of that quite good. I might overstep that this week since I am going out tonight but I am trying not to.

Looking at the price and looking for cheaper options

Cheaper does not always mean bad, there are some pretty decent products out there for a really good price. And I am going to look for them!

Eating leftovers for dinner

As a student I might not be able to eat lunch at home since I am at school from morning till 3pm so I am planning to always take leftovers from home and eat them for dinner. This way I get a home cooked meal and I don't have to pay anything.

Trying not to drink alcohol

Well I clearly failed that didn't I.

UPDATE: I just spend 6,90 tonight so I am still in the game with €27 left. Congrats to me! And it was still a lit night... conclusion: you don't need a lot of money/ alcohol to have a lit night.


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