26. Februar 2017

This is why I am like this

I guess growing up with them had some kind of impact on me.

Dear everyone who is reading this.

Everyone has those few Tv shows they combine memories with, it can be a cartoon, a live show or a tv series. I had to absolute pleasure to grow up with animated classics like Pokémon, Digimon or "real life" series like Gilmore Girls. My memory with Gilmore Girls runs quite deep because I used to watch it every time I felt kind of down and I just needed something to cheer myself up, and to this day I still watch it because of those reasons. But I came to realise that they might have influenced me a little bit. I did not quite realised it then, and I guess it was a little bit to early to see a sort of connection, but I do realise it now on how much I got influenced by Lorelai and Lorelai Gilmore.

First of all my character you might say is a bit of a combination of both of the main characters. I mean you can call it a funny coincidence but I just see it as an true influence, because I used to watch it literally nearly every single day for few years straight. What do I mean with I am both in one? Well I am a person who tries to see the good in everything and everyone, also I am a different kind of perfectionist who can spend a good few hours on one powerpoint presentation or research paper to make it the best possible (I can't wait to write my bachelor paper... note sarcasm) and even though I sometimes tend to be a little bit introverted I still go out there and take care of all my relationships with other people or meet new ones. In this way I am like Rory.  Then there is my Lorelai side. I can be quite a personality sometimes and also I think I can call myself witty, but more the "unintentional joker" witty and not the "I know so many jokes" witty. A part of my brain is filled with irrelevant pop culture knowledge which I tend to use sometimes and confuse people with it because they have no idea what I am talking about.

Next they kind of influenced my taste in man. Rory was the luckiest girl on earth, being in a relationship with the nice and sweet Dean, the bad boyish and book fanatic Jess and the handsome and stylish Logan. To be quite honest with you I would not complain a single day if one of those three would ask me out. But weirdly I am most attracted to a combination of all three. If I see a tall, bad boyish but still stylish man (because with my age I can say I am looking for a man) with a sharp as knife jaw and blond or black hair I am, not joking, drooling. Btw with tall I mean 1,75 m or taller, because then he is already 10cm taller than me.

Now the final and the main reason why I am saying that they influenced me. I turned out to be a massive coffee drinker, I will not say addict because I am not that far yet but I think it will come to this point sooner rather than later. My day can not start with at least one cup of good steaming coffee. Well not black coffee more like coffee with caramel and lactose free milk known as Caramel Macchiato, now it is more of a caramel caffe late with extra coffee. It all started 4 years ago when I decided that I should give coffee a chance. This is why I went to Starbucks and bought myself my first ever caramel macchiato. It was more sugar and milk than coffee but I still enjoyed it and after a year of drinking that I bought myself a french coffee maker and every day I drank a fresh made coffee with two spoons of sugar and a dash of milk. This was the start of a new life and suddenly I could relate so much more to Lorelai than before because coffee was/is such a massive part of my daily routine that I can't see myself not living with it.

What was your favourite show? And do you think it influenced you?


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