25. Februar 2017

Observation time

Other country other students... or?

Dear everyone who is reading this.

As you all know I have been living in Seoul, South Korea for two years of my life. While staying there I got the chance to observe the Korean students (like what a normal person would do) and I have to say they are quite different than European students. Not that I didn't knew that they are different I just didn't knew how drastic it is. 

First thing I noticed was that everyone tends to look the same. What I mean by that is that (for girls) the hair cut and colour is the same and the same goes for make up. Everyone is quite pale and has red lipstick or tinted lips, even though Asians tend to have a bit of a natural tan. I used to judge that look because coming from Europe I was quite used to different types of people and everyone being a little bit different than the other. But as time went by I came to a term where I say that this is the way Korean girls are doing it and I am in no position to judge that. I still ask myself though why they want to look like this, what is the reason behind this "snow white" look. I still haven't and I guess I will never figure it out. I have to say though buying make up there was not an easy task since I do have a bit of a natural tan and 80% of the foundation there is , well, white/pale. 

Second thing is that students there are so stressed that they study everywhere, literally everywhere. The library is full until 10pm and coffeeshops are full of studying students until 1 am. And you sometimes see zombie like girls or boys walking around the city at 5 am still in their school uniform. I mean yes you see the amazing results of that hardcore studying, but is it worth though? I don't want to say that our school system is better then theirs because quite frankly it is not but I just don't think that this is the way you should live your student life. There has to be a good middle thing between our school system and the Asian school system, because students there are dying, and not in a metaphor way they are indeed killing themselves because of that pressure. I even saw one student completely raging because he couldn't take it anymore. Something needs to change!

Third point, this is quite a funny one you could say, is that Korean boys are quite desperate, in particular when they see foreign girls with curves and a rather normal, but large for them, front sides. They tend to look at your chest quite obviously. Not going to say anything further here.

Fourth thing is that overall Korean students are quite nice people. They are cute in their own little way and I just admire sometimes how passionate they can be about little things. In their life everything that matters is a good degree, a nice boyfriend/girlfriend and make up. I mean at the end for the basics they are not that different from any other student in the world. 

Additionally I have to say it is sometimes quite funny to see how exciting they are when they talk to foreigners, especially tall guys. I had a few tall guy friends and the Korean girls al giggled and blushed what was quite funny to watch.


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