22. Februar 2017

How do others have the time?

I don't have the time or the patience to do it every day.

Dear everyone who is reading this.

During my lifetime I watched enough beauty videos on youtube for every occasion but mostly about how to apply make-up quickly in the morning. From all that videos I basically know all the basics and therefor you might think that I am good at doing my make-up in the morning. Well I have to say you are wrong. Knowing does not mean being able to do it well. This is the case for my face making skills. Therefor in the morning there is just two options for me: A) Sleeping in or B) trying to paint my face.

Most of the times I choose to just go with the full on natural look and sleep in, because to be quite honest sleep is more important to me than waking up earlier to do my make-up. I do not judge anyone who is doing their make-up every single morning actually quite the opposite I envy you! I do not know how you do it or where I get the willpower to do it and then pretty good as well. Serious kudos to you!

Let's now come to the actual part of this blog post. When there is a magical day where I actually fully do my make-up then I use the following products. (Be warned this is the first time describing my make up routine, so it might be not good at all)

First I start with putting on some moisturiser for skin and I let that sink in for 10-20 minutes. Next I apply some concealer to try to hide my dark circles and all my red spots, I pad that all in with my RealTechniques beauty blender. As I said I try, sometimes it works and sometimes it does not, I use here the concealer stick from the brand Douglas and I bought it a few shades lighter then my skin since I heard that this is the best way to hide all those "problems". I can totally recommend this stick since it has a really decent price and it works really well.

Second I use my Bobbi Brown foundation that I bought I think 2 years back. I just put on a drop on my forehead, cheeks and my chin and again I put it on evenly with my beauty blender. The product itself is really good, it might need a time for some to get used to this bottle regarding on how much you need, but when you figured that out it is quite easy to use and it blends in without any problems.

To all set it in I use the All-In-One Base powder from the body shop. Here I first use the Kabuki brush for the main parts of my face and then I use the RealTechniques brush to put some powder under my eye area and in the creases of my nose. This way I set everything and my face does not shine at all.

For the third step I apply some eyeshadow. Here I go for a more natural smokey eye look where I use mostly brown tones. First I apply the Bobbi Brown eyeshadow stick (which btw is a sample that I still use) all over my eyelid. To apply it evenly I use another RealTechniques brush, that I do not think is used for eyeshadow but I just use it like that. Then I take my (super amazingly fluffy) brush from Spectrum and just pad on a bit of the matte brown eyeshadow, that is in the H&M pallet, over the cream one. This has, I think the same effect as powder since it sets it a bit. Additionally I blend it all in a bit so it has a nice transition from skin to colour.

Since my eyebrows are in a pretty good shape without any make-up (I am glad about that) I just put some light eyeshadow underneath my brows so I just highlight it a bit.

For my lashes I need to put in some real efforts since silly 8 year old me thought that she had to cut of half of her eyelashes because she thought it is the same as cutting the hair ... well she was wrong and I have to live with the consequences now and it so does not help that my lashes are naturally straight. This is why I use 2 (or even sometimes 3) different types of mascara. But first I curl them with my H&M curler. Does someone else like hurt them when curling their lashes? Because sometimes I pinch my eyelid or the corner of my eye with it and it hurts like hell.

After curling I first apply the Benefit's They're real tinted primer, that helps me to create an illusion of having longer lashes and right after that I put on the Smashbox Full exposure mascara, which gives my lashes some volume and also some length as well. This is by far my favourite Mascara, I love how my lashes look like when I apply that one.

Sometimes it happens that some of the lashes stick together and when that happens I just use my mascara wand (that I btw need to clean again) and brush them out.

Last but not least I put on a lipbalm/lipstick that changes colour. By that I mean that when you put it on your lips it will react with you body heat and turn into a pink-ish or red-ish colour that looks really natural. My mother brought that from Korea and since then I just love it.

This is my make up routine if I ever decide to put on make-up. Again this is my first time explaining it so it might not be the best you will ever read since I am not familiar with the special vocabulary. But never then less I still hope you somehow get the picture.

Btw... day 30 guys! It has been a month since I started this and I am still going (with some teeny tiny breaks in between).

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