19. Februar 2017

Everything before Monday

How I look like a human being on Monday.

Dear everyone who is reading this.

A week might be long for some or short for others but nevertheless a week is always the same for our body. At the end of it it just wants to relax and wash away the worries of the week so that it can start new the next day. This is why I always try to have a pamper Sunday, where I still go after the things I need to do but! I still take off 2 hours of the day to just relax. Because as a student each week is hard on the brain and on the body, even though we thought that it was a easy and nice week.

My week was not stressful but still quite exhausting only because I worked out 5 days this week and my bum, legs and basically my whole body is killing me. Literally I can't move! Additionally to that I walked with my dog each day for at least 2 hours. My body was literally screaming for a break. Since it it Sunday I thought I would give it that. I still worked out, learned and walked with my dog but then I took a nice bath for 1 1/2 hours where I chilled, listened to music and just cleaned myself.

Bubble bath : Tetesept | Conditioner: Pantene Pro-V

For that I filled up my bathtub and added some bubble bath soap. Normally I would use that and a Lush bath bomb but I ran out of those. The brand that I used is a German brand I think and they make the most relaxing bath salts and soap, especially when you are sick they have this salt that smells like eucalyptus and it is so good for your nose. For my hair I used a homemade shampoo, that my mother made, and also the Pantene Pro-V conditioner. I used this one for the first time (both actually), and actually I wanted to buy the shampoo but silly me didn't read the package and just bought this bottle. Hence, this is the reason why I used my mothers homemade shampoo. But I have to say at the end my hair is clean, has volume and smells nice so it is an absolute win.

 Next to the normal bibs and bobs you do when you take a bath I also thought that it might be a great idea to rehydrate my skin with the face mask my mother bought from Korea. But before putting it on my face I cleaned it with the peeling face wash from Nivea to first get rid of all the dirt that was on my face. Next I applied the mask and it is the first face mask that fits my face perfectly. I let it on for 15 minutes before taking it off and afterwards my face was so smooth, like a baby's butt. And last but not least my lips. My lips where an absolute mess the last months, because it was so cold outside my lips turned into the desert itself. I guess you might have seen this lip thing already on Facebook or Instagram and to be quite honest I never thought that I would ever apply it but now I am quite happy that my mother (again) bought me that in Korea. My lips are human again. No dry skin and literally (again again) so smooth.

And because I want to keep everything smooth and perfect I applied another moisturizer on my face. This one is from a Korean brand called Innisfree and they sell natural skin care products, it is kind of the Korean Lush/Body Shop. There I bought the green tea moisturizing cream that helps you to hydrate your skin. For my lips I pealed them with my Lush Bubblegum Lib Scrub so that even the last bit of dry skin was removed. And for my body I used the Body Lotion that I took from the Blakemore Hotel when I was in London, because my cheap ass does not want to invest in a full on body lotion since I got so many samples at home. 

Of course after this full on wash you need to put on fresh clothes because otherwise you would not feel like a new human being. So I got here my oversized T-shirt which I got from LootCrate, my leggings (which were brand new) and some sneaker socks. Yes I put on some underwear but I did not show it because A duh and B duh. 

Last but not least my lip balm and my hand cream. I cannot survive the day without them being in my handbag.

Do you have a regular pamper day?


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