18. Februar 2017

Where past meets present.

My dear home.

Dear everyone who is reading this.

I am completely aware that I missed blogging the last two days, for that I am sorry. The reason why I didn't blog the last days was A because a lot of things happened and therefor I was super tired at night and B I just couldn't come up with an exciting topic to write about. It might be that my brain is a little bit empty after 3 weeks of blogging (nearly) every single day, but that does not mean that I am going to stop. I have my goal and I am going to reach it but there might be the one or other day that I am going to skip.

Anyway today was not an really exiting day and I still have nothing to write about but I realised that I still have some pictures left from my Vienna adventures. As I said in the first part, these posts are going to be a series because Vienna is to big to put it into one post. Without further talking I present you part two of my picture series.

By the way do you guys like an "outro" on this blog? Or to do think a abrupt ending is better? Let me know!

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