15. Februar 2017

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*shake my head*

ATTENTION! Ranting post.

Dear everyone who is reading this.

Everything that I am going to mention in this post is my opinion and my view on things, some might not agree with it but this is okay since everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  

The world is changing and sadly not to the better, more to the worst. Struggling with problems like climate change, never changing politics and rising poverty/unemployment rate it is quite normal for the humans on this earth to be a bit more stressed then they used to be a decade ago. But this is no excuse for some people to be so sensitive. It is unbelievable how som e are so easily offended nowadays, by nothing. The line between understanding and laughing about a joke and being offended by it was always quite thin but today it feels like it is non existent. 

I ask myself why are some people so easily offended by jokes? Is it that because of their personal situation that they lost all sense of humour or is it that people are so confused nowadays on what is politically correct and what it not that they are afraid to laugh. Per definition a joke is  "a thing that someone says to cause amusement or laughter, especially a story with a funny punchline." so is this not a good reason to forget all politically correctness and to just laugh? I understand that there is also a line as of what you should make a joke about and what not but I think that a lot of people know that line and still some are sensitive. 

Additionally to that I have the feeling that some people are just overthinking a lot of situations. They interpret to much into one action. They always sense the bad behind ones action or ones choice. Things are getting pretty extreme when it comes to tv series, movies or even just the trailers of movies. Some people always find something to complain. And when I read such comments I always think what leads people to such actions, why do they complain about everything and just overthink things?

Adding everything together and it all comes to a point where it annoys me so much that people already think that I am to sensitive. I am indeed not. I am the last that is offended by a stupid joke. But when I come across such people or when I read such comments on YouTube I can tell you all that my blood is boiling. YouTube is such a wonderful place where people can produce videos that fits to them and they can share their opinion, because you know free speech and things like that. This right of a free speech is also used in the comment section and the things you read there is unbelievable, literally sometimes I like to just ban people from the internet and I know that I am not alone with this. 

Oh and regarding YouTube I am going to leave two small paragraphs here with my opinion that I always wanted to say. 

First, in advance I want to say that I have nothing against veganism and I want to apologise to all vegans that are living happily and minding their own business, the upcoming paragraph is not for you but for all of those butthurt wannabe extreme vegans. 
Dear vegans of the internet, you are literally one of the most annoying people on the internet. Let others live their life like they want, let them be and don't comment on each video that they are horrible human beings and that they should go vegan to become a better one. If you want to educate people then do it nicely and in a way where people are not ignoring your comment after the first sentence because the first sentence is: "OMG this is so horrible go vegan." I totally understand that you want to share the truth with others but isn't it more effective to do it in a way that others are happy to at least try the vegan life style? Also, no supermarkets do not want to force meat on you only because they have fridges full with meat in a bloody supermarket that is not just for vegans - this was by far the most bizarre comment I have ever read : That supermarkets what to force meat on vegans. 

Second, dear who ever is bashing against PewDiePie. Have you actually watched some of is videos? Do you know what PewDiePie does? Also do you know how he normally runs his channel? Like what the hell, he is not anti - semitic, he is just being him. He is sarcasm in a human body, I even go so far and say that he lives on sarcasm. Every 53 m. subscriber knows that and this is the reason why they subscribed to him. He even admits that it was a little bit to much so why continuing writing about this topic. I really don't understand the world. I guess money is a reason why they continue to write about it.

I could really just go on and on. I could write about how weird it is that people think that it was a act of racism that Beyonce just got two Grammys and not 5 like Adele (both are total queens in my eyes), I could write about how people are picking on movies just because they did not hire actors of all nations or I could write more about how the new generation is just so god damn sensitive. But I decided not to otherwise this blogpost is going to be extremely long. 

I actually googled: Why are people so butthurt nowadays. And someone said something very wise:

"People aren't eating enough pizza these days."

Seems logical to me. 

Opinions? Thought? Constructive criticism? 

Ps.: probably not my best post so far and I am open to all constructive criticism on how to improve my writing

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