14. Februar 2017

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Dear everyone who is reading this.

Ugh ... I can't say more to this day. Today is officially (again) the cheesiest day in the whole year. Everything is pink and red and heart shaped and there are couples everywhere. Prices rise to another high, the chocolate industry has probably their biggest sale today (or the past few days) and the jewellery shops are swimming in money. Yes you guessed right I am talking about valentines day.

This day (today) is the most successful marketing gag ever. I personally think that this day is a little bit overrated but I guess that is because I never spend it with a "loved" one. But to make it clear I was never sad that I had no boyfriend to spend this day with because I guess this day always just went along like a normal day the past 22 years. Also I experienced some pretty extreme things when I lived in Korea. They take Valentines day pretty seriously, there are classes where you learn how to make pralines, everywhere you get heart gifts or free chocolate (I have nothing against that, give me free chocolate. Who does not love free chocolate) also you get special deals at restaurants like buy a couple special of fries or pizza love special... I don't know.

Here I want to say that if you are in a relationship and enjoy Valentines day then it is really fine! I am the last person who will judge you because I can imagine that this day can be quite special for some when day spend a nice day with their special someone.

For all the singles out there. Never feel down on a Valentines Day because you are not in a relationship. Never let society tell you how sad it is that you are single. Being single is nothing to be ashamed of. I have been single for 22 years and I am okay with it because the day will come when I have a boyfriend but before then I will just enjoy my day/life and this is what I want to tell all my single ladies/boys out there, enjoy your life. Make this day your own, worship yourself because you know you deserve it and/or just spend the day with your friends and enjoy a special dinner and evening with them. Also you can do it like I do it, I just spend the day like any other day, because this is what it is. It is just any ordinary day.

Be proud of who you are and how you live your life!


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