13. Februar 2017

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Home sweet home pt.1

Dear everyone who is reading this.

As you all know I am live in Austria, to be more precise in a village close to Vienna. Since this village is really close to Vienna and most of my friends are their I spend most of my time in the beautiful capitol of Austria. Sadly I found my love for this city just two years ago since coming back from Korea. Before that I always took it for granted to live in such a beautiful country that I never valued how lucky I am to be born here. So today I planned to go out and show you the beautiful city called Vienna. This is going to be a series because there is so much to see here that I can't post them in one post. Today I spend my day in the first district (Vienna has 23) which is in the hard of Vienna and I already have too many pictures to post here.

I will not further write and just going to say: Enjoy the pictures. (The pictures might not appear to be quite sharp but that is because blogger compresses them)

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. The next batch will follow next week.

You will hear from me tomorrow, until then

Take it easy cheesy   

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