12. Februar 2017

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Should I give it a go?

Dear everyone who is reading this.

Should I give videography a go? As you all know I am quite into photography and I really like going out and taking pictures. But lately I've been watching YouTubers who are doing such an amazing job at creating stunning videos. And while watching this I always ask myself, can I do that as well? Should I try?

I guess you guys will see tomorrow because I am going to the city to take some pictures, this is also the reason why this post is so short because I want to go to sleep earlier to be fit for tomorrow, and I will also give videography a go. And if it is going to happen, it is not going to be a vlog kinda video where I talk to you, it is (hopefully) going to be quite artsy.

So you you will hear from me tomorrow, until then

Take it easy cheesy

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