11. Februar 2017

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I accept it and I totally stand to it!

Dear everyone who is reading this.

I have a confession to make. Actually this is not an confession anymore since it is such a trend to be this way. I am a geek, part nerd part geek. And you know what, I am actually proud of that because that is who I am and it is some part of my life to short or long time be obsessed with a topic. Against everyones possible thinking this geekiness of mine did not just start few years back. 

It started way back when I was younger, but back then I did not know that this is what you call it. When I was younger I started to get obsessed about things really easily, you will read why in this paragraph. Back then it was not easy to went on full geek mode because the internet was just in the process of getting to where it is now. But I found my ways, for example I played each Pokémon game 3 times, because I wanted to play it with each starter Pokémon. I watched every singe episode (but I stoped when it became a little bit too childish for me .... just kidding I still watch the movies) and I actually had all the cards at least 5 times. The same for Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh. Again all the episodes and all the cards. And yes, I am playing the Duel Link game (I am to my own surprise very good at it) and also yes, I am going to watch Digimon Tri, just stating it. Generally you can say that I was quite obsessed with Anime and Manga's and still am. 

Then Harry Potter started and this is where I went into full geek mode. I googled everything, I read all the books, watched all the movies at least 5 times and I even went Trick or Treating dressed as Hermione with a hand made wand, actual Gryffindor scarf and hat (that my father brought me from London) and a rope with a Gryffindor sticker on it. Yeah you see why I say that I am a geek. Oh and I wish I had pictures! 

This continued over the years every time I see a movie that I like, most of the times fictional and/or sci fi, I get quite obsessed and believe me when I say my computer is always burning when I am done researching. But it did not just stop with movies. Oh no, then I started watching series like Sherlock, The It Crowd, The Big Bang Theory, The X files, Peaky Blinders and many more. I got so obsessed over them that it was quite scary. If you ask me now I can tell you everything about Sherlock, Peaky Blinders and The Big Bang theory because I finished them in one go, again, at least 3 times. 

And before you ask yes I do play video games but I don't have that much time for them because when I play one I finish it in 3 days and then I need the whole day. Also most of the games I play are shooters, alien or action adventure games. So nothing all to special here. 

Until last year being a geek was quite cheap. Like I could watch all the series and movies on the internet, tv or cinema and most of the times my father bought the games because he wanted to play them but at the end I found myself playing them. But then I discovered LootCrate and I can tell you, it was still one of the best purchase decisions I have ever made. For those of you who are not familiar with LootCrate, it is a subscribtion box that sends you geeky themed boxes each month. So one month it can be Harry Potter, the next it might me Marvel and so on. In each box you get a small figure, a comic, some bits and bobs and a T-Shirt (you can choose the size before hand online). I have now so many figures (as you can see above) and so many sleeping shirts. This is why I said it is so worth the money. 

Oh I love being a geek !

Before I end the post I just want to say, never be afraid to say who you really are and to show it. You are who you are and if someone does not respect that then they can leave your life. Never think about what others might think or what the society might think when you are a little bit different. The only one who is allowed to judge you is you alone (even though you should not do that) and maybe your parents. But that is it. Who cares if you like Animes or geeky stuff more then others, who cares if you are more of a IT guy rather than a sports guy. You should be you and do not change for anyone. 

Stay true to yourself!

You will hear from me tomorrow, until then

Take it easy cheesy 

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