9. Februar 2017

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Things that I need.

Dear everyone who is reading this.

This is I think the third post about studying so far and it is not going to be the last one because I mean I am a student ... duh. But I promise that todays post is going to be the last post that is study related for this week. So today I want to tell you about what I use to study and what apps I use. Normally this is more of a YouTube thing but I am a blogger and this is why I am doing this here. 

My essentials.

I don't have many essentials but those I have are really necessary. So first of all I have my notebook. This is something new that I added for the next semester. You see until now I always had some random notebooks that you just generally use for revision and stuff like that so nothing pretty and I never finished them. So this is why I bought this actually nice looking notebook so I use just that to take important notes during class. I will organise it like that that I just write the date and class at the top and then divide the whole thing into weeks. 

Next I have my bullet journal and if you want to see how I handle this one just pop a cheeky comment down below. Since I use this journal I am way more organised and have everything more under control. An additional positive aspect is that I can be creative and I can write down my thoughts and doodle and just make lists of things. 

For my pens I have some STAEDTLER tripus fineliner in all colours but those you see are my personal favourites. I use them to underline things or to write headers or to draw. So basically they are a total Allrounder. Also my writing essentials are all gel pens that are 0.5 mm thick. For some that might me to thin but for me it is absolutely perfect because this way my notes just look cleaner and nicer. I also have one gel pen that is 0.7 mm thick but I use this one for small headers and words that I want to highlight. The only reason why all my pens are black is because I am so sick of blue pens also black is my favourite colour. During my school time I just used blue pens and now I literally can't see them anymore. Next I have some standard highlighters and yeah that's it.

Then I have my water bottle. Seriously I never leave the house without it. I take everywhere because I just think it is ridiculous to pay for a water bottle when you can get free water from the tap, at least here in Austria. Also I like to stay hydrated all the time and it is also better for my skin. And when I study drinking water helps me to concentrate better. Sounds weird and I really can't explain why I just take it as it is.

Now to the last essential. My iPad mini. For this I am going to start a whole new section.

My iPad.

It took me a while to figure out what apps I want to have on my iPad. All of them have to be study related and I should really need them. Why? I decided to use my laptop more at home/dorm rather in class, A because my dear Mac is bloody heavy and breaks my back each day and B he is so slow and as soon as you work to much on it it just stops working. This is why I want to give my laptop a break and use my iPad. It is smaller therefor lighter and the battery lasts for the whole day. Out that reason I was really thinking about what apps I really need and google helped me a lot at this point. I just googled: Best apps for students. Simple as that and those apps you see in the picture above "won".

1. & 2. Powerpoint and Keynote

I use them because when I need to present something in class I can just download it to my ipad and have all my notes on it and therefor I don't need to write them down on paper. Sustainability people!

3. Lighten

Lighten is a brainstorm app that cost me 4,99 but I paid for it because before starting a project I always brainstorm all the ideas. And since I know that I do this all the time I decided to invest in the app. Try it! You can literally brainstorm for everything for research papers, presentations, projects or even blog posts. 

4. Brainscape

I am a student that likes to study with cards. I create questions, answer them and then put them on a flash card. This is basically what this app is. You can create decks of study cards and you can repeat them as often as you like. The best part is, you have to rate each card of how well you knew the content and depending on the rating you gave it the more often or less it will appear during the whole study session.

5,6 & 7 Pages, iTunes U and iBooks

Don't need to say anything to those.

8. Documents

This was the hardest app to find. I needed a really good PDF app where I can look at documents that the teachers upload. Before that I used Adobe PDF reader but that was nothing for me this is why I was looking for a better one. Then I stumbled upon Documents. This app saved me. It does everything I want a PDF app to do and you can actually organise your documents in folders and you all know I much I love to organise things into folders.

This is everything I need to successfully study. It is not much but you know quality before quantity. What are you essentials? Leave a comment in the section down below.

You will hear from me tomorrow, until then

Take it easy cheesy 


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