8. Februar 2017

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Now I slowly come back to reality.

Dear everyone who is reading this.

Semester breaks are really something beautiful. You know that you finished one semester successfully or not that successfully but you know now that you at least have some time of from studying. For me semester break started 2 weeks ago and I have to say those 2 weeks were literally so nice. I just chilled to whole day, went on walks with my dog at least two times a day, worked out in the morning, and I could finally concentrate on finishing my internship applications or better the documents that I need to even apply for an good internship. It was really relaxing.

Until today. Today reality hit me like a train, I looked into my bullet journal and saw that I had to start studying for my resit today. Actually I could have started next week but I just like to learn less over a day but that really well. So yeah I actually activated my braincells and it was boring. Especially with the course I have to study, Macroeconomics. This is just nothing for me, I mean yeah I will study it for this exam but I can't see myself ever liking this topic.

One thing I haven't mentioned. During the past 2 weeks I kept reading blogs or kept watching videos about how to write beautiful notes, like you now tumblr beautiful. And this kind of gave me motivation to properly write down the questions and answers for my resit and also for the upcoming semester. This is the reason why I just bought new notebooks, pens and ordered some MUJI pens, because you know nothing screams more tumblr then MUJI pens , for those I still have to wait but I restarted with the things I bought new. And here is what I did or better plan to do:

Start writing cleaner and more structured.

Since the beginning of college I have this one way of structuring my notes, for short notes with few points it might look good and well structured but as soon there are more subitems to one point the whole thing is kind of a paper wasting mess. This is what I want to change. Also I want to organise the points like I do in my bullet journal. Where one sign changes how important or relevant one sentence is. Additionally I want to add some more graphs and doodles that will help me to understand the subject better, since I am quite the visual type of person this might help me quite a lot. Now we got that point covered.

When it comes to my writing I have to say that I already have a decent looking handwriting but I tend to get quite hectic when quickly writing things down and then I just totally ignore how my notes look like. This is what I want to change. I want to stay calm while taking notes and so keep my transcripts clean. Therefor I am quite confident that my organised life is getting more organised now and this is what my goal is. Another positive affect of this will be that I can share my notes with others without explaining every single bit because now they might be able to read them.

Figuring out what is important and what isn't.

With that I mean to learn what information from the teacher is important now and what is rather not important because I can look it up in the PDF file they upload afterwards. This was always kind of my biggest problem. I always thought that every tiny information is important and that it might come to the exam even though it never happened. Therefor I need to change this habit, this change will make everything so much more easier and less stressful for me. Also this way my way of taking notes will increase in quality by I bet 100% because this is the key to successful note taking. Know what the write down and how to write it down. What is additional and what is already on the PDF.

Refer to PDF point when making something more logical.

Teachers tend to overcomplicate things and it might be hard for some to understand them without structuring them in a logical way. I am such a student. I can't just study something by heart without knowing what it even means, I tried and I really can't. This is why I always try to break down things that I do not know, but only after the lesson. But now I want to do it while the teacher is explaining it and just refer my written notes to the PDF point. This way I know that my logical explanation is right and I learn to note just important informations.

You see that those three points are connected with each other because each one is important to me. And if I fail to change just one of those points this whole project has no effect at all. This is also the reason why I just kept the changes to three points. Like this I don't overwhelm myself and I can remember them easily.

If you have the same problems as I do these points might help you. You'll never know until you try.

You will hear from me tomorrow, until then

Take it easy cheesy 


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