5. Februar 2017

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Getting a job is hard

Dear everyone who is reading this.

I don't know if you have ever gone through this but isn't job/internship hunting the hardest thing you'll have to do when you are a young adult, apart from actually be an adult. It isn't even the hunting that is so hard it is all those god damn documents that you have to write/prepare that take so much time and effort it is unbelievable. You probably wonder why I a college student have to worry about this thing. Well, for my 5th semester I am required to find an internship that is kind of my study related and fits to that what I find the most interesting. This sounds easy right? And it absolutely is! But the hard part about this is to write an good and catchy CV and cover letter that everyone requires.

Okay lets start this from the beginning. I know i completely started it wrong. I should have started with my CV and cover letter and then move on to the possible positions. But you know silly me thought let's start job hunting and do the CV while looking for jobs and that will be enough. HA. I was so wrong. To be quite honest I did apply for some jobs but apparently no one is interested in me so only one replied, and that was just to inform me that someone else got the job. Well at least they informed me.

So here I am writing my cover letter because I want to apply for 5 other jobs this week with this letter. The thing is ... how in the world do I write this? Writing a cover letter is not as easy as it sounds. You have to make it attractive, you have to make a whole and complete story line and you still have to be you. So basically you need to sell yourself. Yeah alright, I am not specifically exercised in selling things. Hell I don't even like to buy things myself that are offered from shop clerks. So why in the world should anyone want to "buy" or the be more classy, hire me? This is exactly the point that I have to answer when writing this letter.

Before I even start to write I need to think first, who am I, what am I doing, what was I doing and why the hell am I special. And you know me by now good enough to know that the first question kind of blows me of for a while. Because that is one deep question : Who am I? I can never answer this question for sure because people change and they are never the same as they were maybe few years back.
Anyway so this is how I did it so far:

  1. I opened word.
  2. I chose a template.
  3. I wrote my name at the very beginning of the page.
  4. Then I wrote why I want and need to do this.
  5. Next I wrote about myself and my adventure in Korea.
  6. Then I wrote about what I am interested in and how this and I can fit into the company.

And now I am stuck. It is not that I have no idea what to write it is more that I am kind of stuck in how I want to transfer my thoughts into words so that this whole cover letter is one smooth story. You know what I mean? And it is even harder because when it comes to write something important like a cover letter or a project paper I am so fussy about mistakes and if it even makes sense. I don't even want to image how long it will take me to write my bachelor paper. I don't really want to think about that.

So yeah those really are my worries of the day and I probably have the same worries tomorrow but I just hope that I will finish all of that tomorrow and I can finally send some qualitative applications.
Wish me luck!

You will hear from me tomorrow, until then

Take it easy cheesy 

P.s.: Tomorrow is going to be one special post with a lot of pictures... so be exited ! 

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