4. Februar 2017

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Habits need a while to develop but then they stay.

Dear everyone who is reading this.

Always the small changes are the ones that have the biggest impact in our daily life or mood. Like getting used to preparing the outfit the night before, or pre packing your bag at night so you can just grab it and go or making your bed every morning. I know what you are thinking :" This is something that is so not necessary at all and has nothing to do with how I live my life." and I have been there. Seriously it took me 21 years to finally admit that making my bed is actually having an impact on my life. I would have never believed how I would change in how I live, study or just sleep by just making my bed in the morning. I bet you think right now that I am over exaggerating here but I am seriously not. Just read my following points on why you should make your bed daily and what will change, and then maybe you will get it.

Your brain is a bedroom. Make your bed and it looks cleaner.

I don't know if this is an asian thing or not but my mother always used to say : "Your brain is a bedroom. Make your bed and it looks cleaner and is more organised." I always though, "Whatever" you know "I don't have the time and the need to make my bed". This was when I was in I don't know kindergarten until graduation. But now since I am older I actually believe it now. I just see how more concentrated I am and how much more I can achieve in class when I make my bed in the morning.

How weird does that sound? Like my bed has an influence in my intelligence or something like that. It does not necessary have an impact on your intelligence it just has an impact on how you process data and organise it. I haven't figure it out myself but I guess it works like that:

When you wake up you always kind of follow a routine, a routine is an organised procedure of events, if you add now something like making your bed into this routine your brain gets activated. Because this small additional procedure has its own routine.


When you make your bed you don't want to snuggle into your bed anymore because it is already made and you don't constantly think about going back to bed. And when you stop thinking about that you just focus more on other things.

I don't know take the theory that you like. To be quite honest with you I can't explain to you exactly what will change in the way you, for example, study when you make your bed. I just can tell you that you just feel way more organised, oh god I have the feeling I used that word a 1000 times, and you can concentrate better.

It will take less and less time and effort the more often you do it.

Most of you might think that making your bed will rob some important time of your morning. That it will take ages and that you could spend the time better. Again I feel you and I totally understand your worries. But sadly I have to say, we are/were wrong. Making your bed takes maximum 5 minutes and not more. And that is at the beginning. The more often you make it the faster it will be over. I for example just need 2 minutes to completely make my bed, and folding my pyjama is included. So you can not spend your 2 -5 minutes better than making your bed.

And always thing about what difference it will make to your room. If will look cleaner and you will kind of feel like you got your life together. 

Imagine it this way, if you could improve the way you life by just making your bed would you then invest those 2 - 5 minutes of your morning? Guessed so. This is why you need to do it to just see and experience that your life will indeed improve. That you were right on spending this extra time. 

We all want to come home to a made bed.

Isn't this the best feeling in the world to come home and just jump into a made bed. That you can just snuggle into your clean, soft and straightened bedsheets. That you feel like you have brand new bedsheets without them being brand new. Coming home knowing that you did well in the morning. That you woke up the right time and made everything in the right time. That you kind of start to become an adult. 

Yeah thought so.

So make your bed!

To end this whole chapter I want to challenge everyone who is reading this, and isn't already making their bed on a daily basis, to make their beds for 22 days. Why 22? Because this is how long it takes to get used to a habit and only then you can decide if you want to keep going or not.

Well another post is done. We are nearly 2 weeks into this and I have to say, damn I am proud of myself. I would have never thought that I would actually make it this far but you know I still have like what 48 weeks to go so lets just keep it going without getting to excited.

You will hear from me tomorrow, until then:


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