3. Februar 2017

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What we haven't talked about until now.

Dear everyone who is reading this.

Do you believe that January is already over? I constantly think that 2017 started last week. And even though we already survived one month of this year it just came to me what my resolutions of the year are. It took me a while to actually decide on them because I wanted to really think about what and how I can achieve something. Also I used the last month to make myself clear that from this month on I am going to change.

The list is now long and really hard but I guess if I really achieve those resolutions then this is going to be a start into a "new" life. It is going to make my future so much more easier and working will be easier as well. You will see while reading those point why I think that those resolutions will have an impact on my future life.

Lets start with the list:

Staying as organised as at the end of last year. 

Until the November last year I never fully went into the whole organisation thing. I always tried but never enough. As soon as something is not how I want it to be I just stop or restart and by this time I stoped at least 80% of the time. This changed the moment I started cleaning my desktop and started to organise my class papers. From this point on I knew that I finally made the jump into a more organised life. And this one I want to keep. I want to have an overview about everything that is going on in my life. I also want to be more organised in class when taking notes or when receiving handouts. I never want to loose any of it anymore.

Also including to all that I want to know exactly I have to do in a day, what my to do things are. This way I don't overwork myself because once finishing those to dos I am done for the day. From this point on I can totally relax with the knowledge that I have done everything I wanted to do.
I guess changing that now will help me a lot in my future, because habits take long to develop but you can't loose them over a day.

Staying exercised with easy workout every day. 

This is probably the most boring and typical new years resolution, right after eating healthier. But I just want to turn my kind of lazy lifestyle into a more energetic and active one. The only different to others is that I don't want to start jogging, going to the gym or whatsoever. I actually want to just make small 30 min exercises in the morning before breakfast in my room to get my day going and to turn into a more "formed"(if this is the way you say it) me. Over the years I learned that, with my body form, I can never be as lean as other girls. But I got over that, now I just want to be in the best shape with my body and therefor I will start making small active changes.

The app "Nike+ Training" is the one that is going to help me to achieve that. I tried so many training apps but non of them were as good as the Nike+ App and it is free as well. So what I did is I created my own workout plan, which lasts for 6 weeks, by answering questions on how active I am, how often in the week I want to train and if I want to include jogging as well. The app calculated how and what I am going to train and when I take breaks. If I want to train more I can actually add some other trainings as well.

I did my first workout today and I have to tell you even though it was just 10 minutes I was completely exhausted afterwards. But you know what I feel great. So I wish to continue this and achieve my goal.

Taking care of my appearance.

With this I don't want to say that I am not interested in fashion. I am indeed interested in it and actually know what I would wear when I have the confidents the the money. It is just because I am so bored with my closet I just can't be bothered anymore. But that is a mistake that I want to change. I want to make the best out of those things I have. And maybe monthly add one or two items. If you have read my post from Sunday you will know that I bought some new sweaters and I want to combine those with things that already are in my wardrobe.

Including to making the best out of those things I have I also want to present them with more confidence. Because having a good looking outfit is one point but actually "selling" it with confidence is the most important part. You can wear the worst combination of clothing ever but people will still think it looks great when you sell them perfectly. And this is what I am lacking and I hope I can change that over the course of the year.

Also what might be a bit controversy with some, I want to start a designer collection this time next year. Why next year? Because this year I don't have the money and the money that I have I need to save for my internship from August to January. But I indeed know that I can save again from September and then I can start my collection. But why do I even want to start such a collection? The reason might be easy for me but it can be quite difficult for others to understand, what I completely get! Since I started with getting interested into fashion I wanted to start a timeless designer collection. I want to invest into those because for me that gives me some kind of satisfaction that I actually bought them myself with my hard earned money. I also see it as some kind of money investment. I researched enough to know that timeless designer bags are requested all the time and when there is a time in the future where I need some extra money (what hopefully will never happen) I can sell one of my bags. I can go further into detail but I think this is going to be an extra post to the right time.

Adding one vegan/ vegetarian day a week into my diet.

This whole resolution is not based on saving animals or on animal rights it is more based on the fact that I want to contribute something to save the world besides not buying plastic bottles, recycling everything and walking instead of taking the car. I for sure don't want to turn into a vegan or vegetarian, and just to make it clear I respect everyones lifestyle decision and I am really not here to judge anyone. But since I watched the documentary "Before the flood" I just want to do something for the environment and add one vegan/vegetarian day a week.

My diet so far is quite balanced since I always look out that I eat my veggies. For some it might actually look like that I eat veggies with meat. So I think it is going to be easy for me to take this a step further by having (again) a vegetarian day a week.

I can write so many pages on why I want to do this change but to keep it simple: The documentary opened my eyes on how much we can actually help the environment by changing our diet just for one day. Also how bad those domestic animal "farms" or to be more exact those cow farms are effecting our earth. Again my intentions are not to help farm animals, it is more to save the planet.

Before it gets to sad or depressing (what can easily happen with me) I will wrap this blog post up with this last sentence : Those are my resolutions and I am actually quite confident that this year is going to be my first year where I actually achieve them.

Well, you will hear from me tomorrow, until then :

Take it easy cheesy


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