2. Februar 2017

11 out of 342

This is by far the best medicine.

Dear everyone who is reading this.

Sometimes it might seem that you can buy happiness. That you can just go in a store and maybe find it in the sales section. That happiness has a price tag or even a high value. That you can forget all of your problems with just buying stuff so that the object you just purchased is used as some kind of happiness supplement. But people sometimes forget how easy and cheap it can be to forget all of your problems, maybe not for long but just for a few minutes. That it can just be achieved when you are experience something funny or you hear a joke.

I am talking about laughing.

Laughing is such an essential part of your life you cannot life without it. It is something that cheers us up so easily and make others in your surrounding happy as well. I would say that laughing is a form of screaming but instead of it being high pitched or out of agony you are "screaming" out of joy. Have you ever felt like a weight has been lifted of your shoulders after literally laughing out loud? This is the reason why.

Why do you thing comedians and comedy movies / Tv series exist. It is their job to make people who are watching them happy. And seriously it can be any reason why you laugh. Some might laugh more during a classic like "Zoolander" about the stupidity of others, or another person might find "Anchorman" funny because of its sarcastic, stupid and woman hating jokes. Or someone might be like me that just laughs at completely weird things like "Life of Brian", "Shaun of Dead" or "Grown ups". At the end it does not matter, because the best of them always reach their goals, when people finished the movie they are happy, just for a short moment.

But you now the best kind of laughing? When you are laughing about yourself. We all have done stupid things in our life and we just laughed them off. It makes us realise that we have done something so idiotic that there is not even a reason to deny it anymore, so we just laugh. And others laugh with us so the actual situation is forgotten.

Or sometimes you just laugh out loud like a mental person and some might even think that you need medicine but let them be and do what you want to do. Feel free because that is what every person should feel like, free from every pressure. Here I have to say that it happened to me so many times that I just laugh out of the blue without any reason, and first it was kind of uncomfortable that everyone was staring or glaring at me, but now I think that they can look how much they want because I don't care what they think since I am happy at this moment and no one can take that away from me.

Why do I address this topic? The answer is quite simple. The world we knew is changing, and currently not in a good way, some are living the consequences of an election and others do not live long enough to experience joy, they short life is filled with worries and sadness. Additionally, all over the world there are enough people who just work their asses of to provide their family a good life and to buy them nice things but they often forget the most important thing. Time with their family / friends and just some relaxed hours.

This is the point that I am addressing in this blog, but I thing you got it now.
I just want to challenge everyone to try to take out 30 minutes or one hour of their day to just relax and do whatever they like, to watch something funny and to just forget about the worries. If you do this for the next ten days you will see that you start to feel better, not physically but psychically. I know that I don't have many readers at this point of the blog but I still want those who are reading this to think about this "challenge".

I realise now that this was not my best post that I have posted since this whole thing started. But I hope you get my point. If you have some writing tips for me or some questions just leave them in the comment section down below.

You will read from me tomorrow, until then don't forget:

Take it easy cheesy.

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