1. Februar 2017

10 out of 342

Strolling through a winter wonderland.

Dear everyone who is reading this.

There is a time of the year where everything looks innocent, clean and beautiful. A time where kids are having fun with their families and where you just enjoy standing at your window and look at the nature outside with a cup of coffee in you hand. Also a time where you just realise how special nature actually is and how we should look out for it.

I am talking about winter especially about white winter.

Winter has struck this part of Austria where I live. Over night we got 15 cm snow and everything was dipped into a white coat. Waking up to this picture made my day automatically better. I couldn't wait to start my day and go for a walk with my dog. This is the time where I am especially grateful for having a dog and for being able to just walk him into this wonderful nature outside.

To come back to reality a little bit I have to admit that snow on the street is just the ugliest thing ever. It is wet and just brown or black. This is the reason why I left the street as fast as possible so I could reach the untouched places. And I walked through the wine yards up a small hill through woods and over bridges and I enjoyed the whole hour I was away. It was such a freeing walk I was just clearing my head with fresh air and enjoyed the time I spend with my dog.

It was a good workout as well because walking through such high snow is not an easy task, but I felt good afterwards my leg burned a bit from the cold and from the walk and my dog was so tired that he just fell asleep the minute we walked into the house.

I have to say, when you get the possibility to walk through such a beautiful scenery then put your warm trousers on and high boots and just go. You don't need a dog or someone else to do it, so go and enjoy your time out in the nature. This is the easiest way to get some exercise and it is free as well! This is the reason why I like to walk everyday for at least 60 minutes straight because it is free and I am outside.

Here are now some pictures that I took today:

I am seriously really sorry about this short post and about the missing post yesterday but since yesterday I feel so tired and seriously I could literally fall asleep at this second but I just wanted to post at least a small post so you guys know that I still keep going with this 342 diary misson.

You will hear from me tomorrow guys, until then

Take it easy cheesy 


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