28. September 2016

11. September 2016

Why I fucked up...

Before I tell you all how I fucked up I just explain to you a little bit about the backstory of this blog.

A year ago I wanted to create a blog because first I wanted to do something that helps me to just take a time of from uni and I also was inspired by all the other bloggers I met during a blogger event. Then I created ASL what basically means A Students Life. It went quite okay but I was never really happy about how I just focus my attention on school stuff and how I'm forcing myself into a corner that I don't want to be in. that's why I changed the name into Awkward and Blind. It represented me because if I ever have to describe myself with two words it would be those. And also this name does not bind me to any type of content, I just can write whatever I feel like writing.

With this we come to the reason why I fucked up. Everything went well I found my motivation but it all stopped when I made a schedule for blogging.

A normal person would be right now ... okay so how did planing ruin your blogger phase. The answer is simple. I'm not a person that follows a plan I just like to go with the flow. This is when I cook, bake, study or blog. The whole problem I had/have with planning when and what I blog is that when it comes to writing a blog entry on this specific day I just can't find motivation to write about this exact topic because on that they I just don't want to write anything. But on other days where I didn't scheduled anything I had so many ideas and I knew exactly what I wanted to write but it wasn't the day to write something.

Okay so now you know my struggle and that is mainly the reason why I fucked up. I just try to be someone who I can't be. I cannot keep schedules except like dates and meeting. So today I like to change everything.

The blog is going to be the same, nothing will change. I will change, in a way where I don't bind myself to certain dates where I want to post something and I certainly will not bind myself to certain topics I planned.

So a toast to a new start and I will text you guys soon


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