25. April 2016

Motivation board

Let´s talk about motivation.

Motivation is one of the most important noun when it comes to studying or in general doing something. Motivation is like a medicine that you need to take at least once a day and the good thing is that it has absolutely no negative side effects ... just positive once. You have more energy during the day, you have something to look for when you finish a long day of uni or something or you give yourself a reward when finishing an exam or getting an good grade.

Those motivational factors can be everything starting from a movie to a bar of chocolate. For me it always depends on what I´m doing. If I have a long uni day ahead I reward myself or I motivate myself with a nice dinner with my friends and a game night (I know we are lame like that but I swear to god if you once start with such a nice chiller night you don´t want to stop because those are way more fun then getting totally wasted every night ... of course we are drinking alcohol I mean what kind of student doesn´t). Or when I have exam on that day I motivate myself with a nice night out or a yummy lunch or whatever. And I also reward myself with not studying that day, just so I can turn my brain off and enjoy the day/night without stress.

Then there is also my motivation board. This is the main part I really wanted to talk to you about.
My motivational board is right in front of my desk that automatically means that when I study and look up I see my board (see picture). So mostly my board consist of motivational quotes that I printed out. I also have a task list on the side so I can see what I already finished and what I still need to do.

I find this board quite helpful especially if I'm on the verge of drifting into procrastination mode and that happens way to often (talking about ADHD here). Then I look up and then I see all those quotes and I continue studying. And I also find myself in situations where I think: "Why am I doing this to myself?" "Should I just quite?" and then I look up and I read all those quotes and then I rethink my doubts and bad thoughts and just delete them in my head.

I would highly recommend everyone to find something that motivates them on a daily basis because like that you kind of find a passion of finishing all those task you have set for the day and you reward yourself. Also one or two quotes around the room/ house doesn't hurt either.

Here are some quotes that I used :

Hope you all enjoyed this blog post. See you all on Thursday again. 


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