4. April 2016

Dorm Room Situation

Before I show you my dorm I just want to tell you all how it is to live in a dorm.

So ...

Living in a dorm is not the easiest thing. Especially when you have never been away from home before and now you have to live all on your own in a small room, you have to cook for yourself (or at least know the closest delivery service), you need to do your laundry and you need to organize everything on your own. This sounds like as soon as you are moving into a dorm a responsibility bomb is hitting you. What is kind of true but living in a dorm / on your own can bring you so many new experiences and advantages a for the future. Sure now it seems like a lot of work to do but think of it this way. You will need this knowledge , I call them now survival knowledge, in the closer future when you live in an apartment/house/ shared apartment or whatsoever. So the earlier you start "training" the easier it will be for you in the future.

Now I know what you are thinking now:"Who is she to tell me how my future is going to be and what I need in my future? Who is she that she can write this like she knows everything?"
Well those are legitimate questions and I totally understand them.
Just to tell you a little bit of my - living alone experience - that I gained over the last 2 1/2 years (and yes the 1/2 is important). It all started with me living in Korea alone for 2 years (starting summer 2013). That was the most extreme change that I experienced in my life so far. I went from living in Hotel mother to living alone with a complete stranger in a country that I just know as an holiday destination. To say I struggled would be an understatement. I struggled a lot, the first month was close to hell because I was completely alone and I knew nobody except for my grandmother (and I wasn't really all to fund of her). Then it got better as soon as I got friends and then it got easier and easier over the months. I just had some physical illness but that is another chapter.

And I wasn't just living in a dorm for a year I was also living in a small studio in the city and that is again another extreme change: because now I had to care about all my bills and cleaning and keeping everything liveable. If you want a detailed story about my experience living in Korea in my own leave a comment and I will write about it and he'll this is going to be one hell of a long blog post.

So now moving on to summer 2015 I came home from Korea and lived in hotel mother again for approximately 5 months and at first I thought that I will absolutely love it and that I will stay like that for another year or so. Well that wasn't actually what happened. I didn't want to live in hotel mother anymore after two month ... I wanted to take care of myself (because I new that I can do that) and my parents had the same thought. They liked their life without me (not literally without me but you know they enjoyed the time where I wasn't constantly at home). So we decided again that I'm going to move in a dorm near my uni, so said and done. Now I'm here in my room near my uni one hour away from home and me and my parents enjoy this kind of live very much. I still come home each weekend but those 3 days are perfectly enough for us to have family time and afterwards to our stuff again.

So this is the reason why I write the post because I can say (quite proudly) that I had enough experience to tell you my though about it.

And now following are some picture of my dorm room and what I keep in it just so you know what you will really need when moving to a dorm.

Everything in here is from H&M ... nearly everything, because I don't really know where I got the make up bag (left) from.

Laptop      -      MacBook Pro 2010
Cup    -   Donal Duck (Merkur gift)
Pencil Cases    -    ARTBOX Korea
Printer    -    : HP Envy
 * This is where I spend around 60% of my time because of A) learning B) Internet surfing C) Blog writing.

Chapstick    -    Bepanthol (The best product for really bad chapped lips and thin skinned lips)
Easter Bunny    -    Lindt
Clock     -     Ikea
Book    -    Me Before You; Jojo Moyes
Sound    -    Bose SoundSystem 10

Unicorn Bird (called Glossy btw don't judge)    -    Nicidoos
Furry Pillow    -    Ikea
Beding    -    Ikea

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