28. März 2016

Three Ways To Improve Your Mornings

1. Doing morning sport

See I have never seen myself as a big sport person. Hell if you would have asked me 2 years ago to go for a walk that is longer then 20 min I would have said : Oh hell no. But this kind of changed when I moved to Korea. I decided I wanted to change how I look and how I feel. So I started small with walking approximately 4 hours a day. Just walking through the city instead of taking the tube or the bus. And that was the start of a new life. Skipping forward to the time I moved back to Austria (I lost some significant weight) I started walking with my dog at least 2 times a day and additionally to that I did few Pilates exercises (that was hell I can tell you ... So much pain). I did this over a half a year with few successes here and there.

Skipping now to to the day I moved into my dorm. My dorm offers a gym ( that is included into the price and has some nice machines) and that's a new new start. At this point I have to tell you that I dreaded gyms my whole life. The though of putting myself into tight clothes and workout with complete strangers was always something that I didn't really like ... I still don't like it. I bet now you are asking why I'm going to a gym now if I hated it so much. Well I figured out that no one, literally no one is going to the gym at my dorm in the morning. So this was absolutely perfect for me. I can work out without having that feeling that everyone is judging me.

Now why am I suggesting you to go to the gym in the morning ? I'm suggesting it because I realised that my energy and my motivation over the day lasted longer since I did my morning sport routine. I felt more energetic and I wasn't always tired anymore and therefore my attention span was way longer then before ( well as long as I'm not bored as hell but this is a different reason ). At the end it is your choice of when to do sport or even if you want to do sport. I'm just sharing my experience and maybe this will help some with fighting their constant tiredness or constant lack of energy.

2. Drinking a sour cuppa

Isn't this such a British thing to say ... And I'm not even British (but I wish I would live in England ). But my obsession with the is nearly scary. It is this scary that I already reached the point where I can't go on with my day without having at least 3 cups of tea ( most of the time green tea). So this is the point I reached.
And few weeks ago I read something that changed my life forever. Lemon tea in the morning ( thank you Pinterest). This sounds disgusting and to be quite honest at first it is but when you get used to it it is just simply amazing. Seriously this drink is like my new RedBull ( or better to say my second RedBull) it is sour that means in combination with the morning sport this shit is giving me such a kick start into the day. So give it a go. As I said it is really something you have to get used to and it might not be for everyone, which is absolutely fine, but I recommend that you try it for 3 days.

If you are still unsure if you should try it or not read this article about all the benefits you have when drinking lemon tea. 3. Taking your time out

3. Having a time out

To be more specific I mean time out from your phone. To be even more specific... time out from social media. Most of us got some time in the morning to just leave their phone away and do something else. For example having breakfast without your phone and get prepared for the day without the phone. For me this is at least 2 hours without a phone. This small gesture has such an huge impact on how my day starts it is nearly a miracle. I feel less stressed, less pressured and I realized that I choose my outfit differently/ more confidently when I just stay away from my social media pages for those 2 hours.

This might sound silly, and to be quite honest at the beginning I never thought that this small litte change is going to change my life so much, but it actually works. I even go this far that I just leave my dorm room for a bit leaving my phone behind just to go outside and look and my surrounding more openly and without any distractions.

And I know what some of you are going to think : "But if I don't answer my friends over snapchat/whatsapp/twitter etc. they are going to think I died or something like that." Let me tell you this is what I thought too. Not that I have that much friends, you now quality before quantity, but no one is going to think that you died in like an hour or so. You don't need to take such a long break, half an hour is more than enough for the start, and the longer you do this (I call it now experiment) the longer you will take a break, because you will just enjoy the time in "freedom" more and more.



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