18. Oktober 2015

3 things that brighten up my day.

Let me share my 3 things that always brighten up my day.

We all have those things, the things that make us feel better and bring us in a better mood. They might be simple but they have such a big impact in our daily life that we can't life without hem anymore.

Why am I sharing something like that with you? Oh well today was not a good day for me. I was feeling really crappy and I just wanted to lay down and think about life (and no I din't had a existential life crisis ... nearly .. but I didn't). And so while sitting at my desk, with my accounting book in front of me, I was thinking about all of the other people out their in this world that might have a crappy day like me ... or worse. This is how this blog idea came to me. Sometimes it's just nice to read about things that make other people happy and so this way we think about the things that make us happy. And without further talking I'm just going to explain to you all the things that brighten up my day :

A rainy/foggy day

Yes I know this is a weird one because normally rainy days make people more depressed. But let's face it people... I'm not normal. It's just something about a grey day with no sun and a low temperature that I can't really explain.

No, wait, I can explain it. It's just giving me an excuse of not going out and of not socializing. I can just sit at home and chill or study ( ha and I'm not even joking) or just do nothing and don't feel bad about it. This is such a nice feeling!

Looking through #studyblr on Tumblr

Look I now we are all Tumblr obsessed and can't life without Tumblr anymore but I swear to god whatever you do DO NOT GO TO #STUDYBLR ON TUMBLR. It will ruin your life. The things you see there are absolutely gorgeous and they way people study and do their study notes are like pure perfection. Since I found this hashtag my studying wasn't the same I really legitimately tried to make my notes look as gorgeous as the ones on this hashtag. I failed but I'm still trying. 
So now to the point where I explain why I exactly consider this point to one of the things that brighten up my day. It's really simple. I love to look at artsy things and since I'm a student I'm always looking for creative way to take notes and how to improve my studying. And that's basically it.

Listening to (hipster) music.

I can't live without music. And it is the biggest thing in my life that always brightens up my day. And this is all I have to say. 

And that was it. I would love to know 3 things in your life that makes you happy and I hope that with this post I gave you an opportunity of thinking about these things and therefore brighten up your day. Leave them in the comment section I would love to read them. 

(all pictures are from tumblr )

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