11. Oktober 2015

2 weeks in and I still love life

Dear Student's and other Human beings.

College so far is actually better then expected. My class is one great class. Like seriously everyone should be jealous now that's how great my class is. Classes so far are alright, my teachers are actually really nice lads (haha lads ... haha inside joke ). So all in all it is all fine.

I know that sounds like everything is cotton candy clouds and unicorns but the truth is ... it is. College is great. And for everyone who is throwing away this amazing opportunity of going to college or uni ... Please just go and give it a go. I know college or uni is not for everyone. Or you might have some problems of finding the right college for you. But you can't do anything wrong by just giving it a go. It doesn't have to be the best college on this earth or the one with the best reputation... just choose a college you like and a course that you actually want to study.

For sure you are saying now: Mate you have been to college for 2 weeks so you can't say anything about the real college life.

And my answer is: You are right. But this is why I started this blog. Because I want to share my college life with everyone and what I think about it. So far I think everyone should go to college or uni (I know that their are some countries where the uni/college fee is bloody expensive and it is actually hard for a lot of students to go to college/uni ... but as I said it doesn't have to be the best college/uni out there).

So yeah these are my thoughts so far about my life as a student.

Next update is next sunday

P.s.: Yes I already got drunk ( in other words .. fucking wasted) twice ... and I am not afraid of saying that due to the fact that we live in 2015 and that this is completely normal for a student.


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